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BSN:The Untold Edition 1
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BSN:The Untold Edition 1 Page 1


In your hands you now have the
first edition of BSN: The Untold.
A newspaper run completely by
the students, for the students. We
won't write all the politically
correct stuff about ISST, exam
results, and the fantastic results of
the latest environmental
committee exploits. Instead, we
will discuss the things we have
problems with, and what you talk
about with your friends. We are in
no way related to teachers and
they have no control over what we
write. We will be critical of what
happens around school and we
will say what you want.

This is the first edition and we
hope you enjoy reading this and
that you will read copies of the
paper in the future. We will be
publishing this newspaper every
fortnight including general stories,
big insights and the latest news.
We have decided to publish an
edition every two weeks and not
every month so that you get a
rapid supply of stories but so that
the amount of content is
sufiicient. Also, if you want to
give us ideas, quotes, comments,
or want to advertise (free) please
contact us. (Contact details on
last page) With your help, our
newspaper can keep getting better
and it will be our newspaper.

These are our promises to you as
our reader and we hope that you
will enjoy reading our critics and
will support us as we embark on
this journey with you.

Sinister Screens

On March 14th, every year group
missed one period, in favor of an
"educational" lecture on "Screen
Time" in cooperation with the
PSHE department.

"You will die prematurely," "You will
have a 44% lower sperm count,"
“Your brain will shrink,” and "You are
more likely to get cancer," are the
words of a man who came to our
school to "inform" us of the "dangers
of using screens". Each year group
wasted an hour listening to a man the
school had hired to "educate" us
about why screens are dangerous. Dne
person in Year IO said he found the
figures presented an "exaggeration,"
of what the actual situation is. "It's
almost as though they payed this
person to come in and scare us,"
another person said. A Year 8 girl said
"fI’m now] oficially scared!" He then
proceeded to give us dating advice:
"Facebook will not help you when you
really meet the girl," and "you will
need to be able to talk." It is
interesting he should say this, because
he assumes that if men use Facebook,
they suddenly lose the ability to
speak. He overlooks the fact that it
provides a method for people who are
socially awkward to communicate and
liaison with new people. I do not have
the exact figures, but it is a fact that
new relationships are formed every day
thanks to Facebook. The infamous
social networking site also establishes
a web of connection between people
who have loved ones abroad, and l
doubt keeping in touch with family
will cause "grades to drop by 20%.

I find it offensive that this man assumes
everyone on Facebook misuses it, and
plays FarmVille every waking moment
of the day, and feels the need to
exaggerate like that.

Furthermore, the language the man
used in his lecture was colloquial,
offensive, stereotypical, immature,
and used a wide array of expletives.


He attempted to involve us by using
juvenile language, sex, and drugs to
capture our imagination, which
completely failed. He used words like
"pussy" and "arse" which were
completely redundant and he could
have been just as (un)successful
without them. It made him sound
extremely unprofessional, and only
generated distrust in him amongst the
students. Furthermore, he made
almost no reference to the female
audience, other than to put them in
bad light so the male audience could
be amused. This biased and sexist
approach might have worked for some
schools, where the level of education
is lower, but not in a civilized and,
dare l say it, posh school like ours. A
student in Year 7 said he felt the
presentation "Didn't apply to us,"
because it was "aimed at people who
play on the PlayStation the whole

The man had absolutely no scientific
proof of his supposed "Medical
Report" and screens haven't even
been around long enough to prove
that early death will be a problem. If
he is so sure of his supposed theory,
then I would like to see the figures
with my own two eyes, rather than
take it from some random
spokesperson. Was he even a Doctor/
Medical Expert? Or just someone's
dad who thinks they know everything
about the "hazards of screens"?

It is also noteworthy that the school
should choose to give us this lecture
after issuing the majority of students
with iPads. Lets face it: if you are going
to give teenagers iPads, then ban them
everywhere, then give them a
presentation on how they are going to
die young, people aren't going to take
you seriously anymore. However, if you
use your iPad for "Editing a word
document," then suddenly "[it] doesn‘t
count as screen time." Yea, right.
I understand the school had the right
intentions when deciding to give us this
talk, but it came across as offensive and
scared a lot of young students.

BSN: The Untold


       Edition 1

BSN: The Untold

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