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HOPE-ful-News 25th Edition
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25th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - 2 November 2018

HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 1

New uniforms for our sponsorship kids at the beginning of school

School has begun in Lalibela and all 32 children in sponsorship of „Hope for Ethiopia e.V.“ are starting with new uniforms, exercise books and pencils. Many of the kids are orphans living with their grandmother, most of them are growing up without a father. Their families are coming out of poorest circumstances and thanks to sponsorship the kids are able to join school. A school uniform is about 30 €, what´s quiete expensive. Nevertheless I am very happy our sponsorship kids are proudly and happy going to school despite of their background, with equal rights.

Special thanks about donations are going to Georg Högelsperger, Ronald W.Graf and Katrin Giesen. Futhermore special thanks to the dentist Dr.Neunert in Jena and his patients donating 350 € for the uniforms.

Such kind of coming up costs which are not included in monthly sponsoring are always a big challenge for our association. Nevertheless these costs are nessecary and part of our welfare and care, and school uniforms are an obligation in Lalibela. Thanks to you until today it`s always possibel to send all our sponsorship kids to school! MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Education ist he key!

Drink for a good cause - at the Michaelis-Kirchweih in Fürth

Action from "Alten Brathaus" in Fürth (Kevin with family Dölle) and various breweries

f.l.t.r.: Gerhard Gößwein (Brauerei Gutmann), Helmut Dölle (Altes Brathaus), Reinhold Marzell (Landwehr-Bräu), Jörg Träger (Brauerei Tucher), Fritz Gutmann (Brauerei Gutmann), Kevin Dölle (Altes Brathaus)

Kevin, our real dedicated and active member of association, did advertise diligently and raised funds. Different beer breweries did donate beer at the 240th anniversary of the location „Altes Brauhaus“ and family Dölle did sell the donated beer. At least out of this event came up earnings in total about amazing 5.680 Euro. All in all funded at the „Michaelis Kirchweih“ through selling of beer and further donations. MANY THANKS TO ALL being part of it! Special thanks is going to family Dölle from „Alten Brathaus“ at Fürth, as well as to the generous beer breweries  and  to all the people drinking beer and filling donation boxes.

HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 1
HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 1
HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 1

We will use the money for funding our planned Charity Center in Lalibela. Kevin (Soulselekta Pai) is at least responsibel for starting this year to get our vision of a Charity Center in Lalibela into project and funding money for.. He was directly enthusiastic about and through his encouragement and motivation he set the start of the project. Only six months later now the fund is about 11.085,00 Euro already, and at least Kevin and his family did raise with 9.420,00 Euro the biggest part until now.

For „Hope for Ehtiopia e.V.“ it is a real blessing Kevin did cross our path and personally Kevin became, beside of his financial engagement for HOPE, a beloved friend and spiritual companion. Thanks and Praises! HalleluJAH!

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