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HOPE-ful-News 25th Edition
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Yeserashyawikar and her grandmother Enanu are one of the first sponsorships HOPE did connect. Since december 2014 they are supported with 30 Euro monthly securing shelter and food. Yeserashyawikar was about one year when her mother did die right after giving birth and there is no father. Grandmother Enanu  was about 76 years old and took care about her granddaughter right away, but was feeling really helpless and desperate at all.

Since september 2018 Imanuel out of Berlin is the new sponsor of Yeserashyawikar and Enanu because of ending sponsorship with last sponsor regretfully , who felt very sorry for. None of our sponsorships had to be stopped until today so therefore I am really happy about Imanuel was found almost directly as the following sponsor. Small Yeserashyawikar did really catch up perfectly in rising and growing over the last years and thanks to sponsorship she has a future. Many thanks to Imanuel!

HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3
HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3 Webseite Art of Buna e.V.
HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3 Webseite Books for Lalibela

In Lalibela more and more kids starting to learn reading and writing, but there is a lack of books for children where they can just jump into with their fantasy to forget for a little while about their hard life full of deprivation wracked by poverty. That´s needfull. Thanks to our cooperation with „Art of Buna e.V.“ we are able to give out ethiopian children books in our schools, building up a library there, and filling it up step by step. Even now we can make some of our sponsorship kids happy with a book, the ones who are more studiuos and interested in. Books are really rare and something very, very special!

Special great thanks is going again to our cooperation partner „Art of Buna e.V.“ !

Thank you for your interest in reading. The Book Project is happy about every financial support for building and filling up the small libraries at the schools. Donations are necessary and please given to our association with the note >Books for Lalibela<

More informations about the whole project on our wesite 

In the course oft he political changes in Ethiopia first time it came to violent demonstrations and clashes during our stay at Lalibela in july. Unfortunatly and fully unnecessarily a young man out of Lalibela was shot and did die.. He left his wife with theit two daughters in the age of 3 years and 14 months.

In october 2018 Andreas Nötzel and Katja Schwarz from Krefeld will start the sponsorship for Sinkea and her daughters. Food and shelter is given and for Sinkea and her daughters life can go on despite of the heavy and hard loss.

Many thanks to Andreas & Katja !

Administration of Lalibela asked Geza if „Hope for Ethiopia“ could take care of Sinkea, the widdow of the shot man, and her children. The family is poor and living only from the small income of her husband. After the death oft he family father Sinkea is fully on her own with her daughters, she is in need and helpless not knowing at all who life should continue now at all.




25th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - 2 November 2018

Sinkea and her daughters

New sponsorship starting in october

HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3

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In january 2019 we go on with our project in passing on ethiopian children books at Lalibela in cooperation with „Art of Buna e.V.“ Already in august- shortly after arriving backhome from Lalibela -  we got another 60 books for donation to our school children and are  extraordinary thankfull and happy about! Additional to Koyita School in Asheten Mountain Region, where we opened up > Fikire Library< with the support of the director Aleme Mintsnot in the raining season, we will include january 2019 the Asheten School into our project. Furthermore we had the idea of handing out some ethiopian children books to  some of our more studious sponsorships children. „Art of Buna e.V.“ is giving us support in this idea too. >My first Book of Amharic Words< from Fitsame Teferra is best of for. Also the book >Bedtime for Lions<, a fable for kids from 2 years on will find one or another loving book mouse. It´s about what´s going on in the jungle at nighttime, where everybody should be asleep. But really everybody? Someone is around, is it the girafe, the zebra, the monkey or the lion.Who can it be ? So beautiful in telling and illustrations!

News about >Books for Lalibela

In Cooperation with „Art of Buna e.V.“ Cologne

Yeserashyawikar & Enanu

new Sponsor - Imanuel from Berlin

HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3
HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 3
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