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HOPE-ful-News 26th Edition
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Again this year, as mentioned already, we support  „Saint Lalibela Youth Unity Association“ in their aim of welcoming pilgrims arriving at Lalibela in giving a meal. Fundraising on betterplace.org is on since beginning of october and now Christmas is coming close, so therefore we want to please you to give a small donation for the welcoming meal given to the pilgrims by arriving. It`s about 15€ only for 50 pilgrims having a meal! We do have set 1.000€ as our goal, surely there is hope about more in Lalibela. Right now are missing about 600€ and with your help only we can reach our goal. For donations going to our association account IBAN DE51793301110002340476 please indicate GENA in intended purpose. Thank you very much!

Gena – Christmas in Lalibela on the 7th of january 2019 – we are in

Please support us in giving the arriving pilgrims a meal !!!

We opened up our Online-Shop in november and resonance is unexpectedly big. First shoppings have been done and we will closly hand out all the presents on purpose at Lalibela followed by documentary and pictures. Most interest came up for the offer of a goat. Two goats were directly ordered after some days of opening the shop and there is more request about. Admittedly we have to face many landlords of our needies  do not allow to hold animals. On countryside or at mountainside it`s for sure easier than in the city of Lalibela. Only sometimes you meet here and there goats and sheeps, so therefore Geza and Eyaway are coming up with a list for whom of our sponsorships it might be possibel. For everybody else there are remaining many great offers in our Webshop. Shoppings of december will be handed out at our visit in Lalibela in january. Related upcoming news shortly before copy deadline see at page number three.

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 1
HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 1

Charity Market – buying and giving a present for our needies use

By making small presents creating big joy at Christmas

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26th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - 13 December 2018

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 1
HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 1

Make Gena great again!!!

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 1
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