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HOPE-ful-News 28th Edition
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HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 1

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28th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - May 2019

We got the commitment of property for our Charity Center in Lalibela

Commitment from mayor and city council

So therefore we can start already this year with construction work of the Charity Center great thanks to funds of 18.000 € which have been raised so far. Drafts of architect Klaus Heidenreich and first calculations of construction work are already existing and now we have to focus on financial fundraising.

Fundraising at Betterplace.Org is continued and every donation counts! For real we do raise funds for a huge amount of money and together we can do it and really  every donation brings us closer to our purpose.

Funadraisung link https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/62096?

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 1 Hope for Ethiopia with the mayor

During our visit in Lalibela we met several times with the mayor of Lalibela and after presenting our project concept in english and amharic language to a committee of administration we've been assured becoming land for free at the size of 1.000 square meters for use of 99 years.

For some of our organisation members Rastafari is Inspiration and Motivation for engagement and through Rastafari we came to the point of willing to do something for helpless people in need. Rastafari teaches us Love and compassion and requests for in living.

Rastafari is not only leading us on the way – Hope for Ethiopia e.V. gets lots of support out of Reggae and Dub Community Germany. Some Rastas do have sponsorships and support us constantly in our activities for the poorest of the poor in Lalibela. At events and concerts Johanna Joubert and Ras Judah Brown are always welcome with our information stand and DJs and organizers do spend for our projects. Georg Höglsperger from Japhet Soundsystem is donating the income of his shows to us as well as for other good deeds. Furthermore, Georgi is collecting money in his shop for our planned Charity Center. Rastas are starting fundraisers on Facebook and artists like Uwe Banton or Ganjaman know and support our work for the poorest of the poor.

Thanks a lot for your sustained support! Strong Inity!

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 1
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 1

BETTER WORLD RASTA – Big Up and Thanks for all the Support!

Giving Thanks and Respect to Reggae, Dub and Rastafari Community

Sorry to all I might have forgotten to mention. May Rastafari connect us ongoing, lead us on his way and let Word, Sound &Power follow in good deeds and action. Together in unity for a better world.    BETTER WORLD RASTA

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