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HOPE-ful-News 28th Edition
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28th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - May 2019

We told you already about the news giving support to Circus Group Lalibela and after organizing a small generator for the shows we gave out at the end of February first time a meal to the Circus Group members. Our second association chairman Kevin Dölle is into the circus project and in a very short time sponsors for food donation after training were found. Many of the kids did grow up on the streets, some having no parents an all do come out from the poorest of poor circumstances. The food after training together means more to them, we can imagine about at all. Without some of the kids might have to go to sleep with hunger.

We did join the Circus Group and were becoming conscious about how important the Circus Group turns out for the kids in Lalibela. There are existing no further leisure offers or any meaningful leisure time employment except the circus bringing the kids full of joy, social environment and even physical training. It`s not about artistical and acrobatically capacity but about educational leisure time, care for kids out of lowest and poorest social classes. Our great respect is going to the head and organizer Gashew who is tirelessly active for the circus group and lovely taking care about the very small kids. At the same time, he is a real good role model and educating in respect and discipline, never missing prayers before having food together. It`s nice to see and amazing the way all kids do listen to him. Gashew who is not getting any salary for his engagement was close to give it all up because of the situation of the Circus Group, but we kept him going with our support and offered him new hope through support.

From now on 2-3 times a week there is food after training and we think there might come up even more kids sooner or later. If possibel, we will extend and broaden Food care. If there is anybody interested in supporting the Circus Group Lalibela once or by monthly donation please write on money transfer to our association bank account the purpose „Circus Lalibela“. Great Thanks!

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2

Or also via PayPal to Hope-for-Ethiopia@Gmx.de (subject to charge)

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2 Food Distribution @Circus Lalibela
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2 Desta & Tiruye while cooking
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2 HOPE for Circus Group Lalibela

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Circus Group Lalibela is getting support from Hope for Ethiopia

Generator for the shows at the villages at countryside and food after training

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 2

Account: Hope for Ethiopia e.V. IBAN DE51793301110002340476 BIC: FLESDEMMXXX - Flessabank

Another upcoming effect about food donation is, two of our sponsorships - Desta &Tiruye - do have a monthly income now. They care about cooking food and serving the meals in the circus and both of them a very happy about their new task and little extra income. A real nice and sustainable project of Hope for Ethiopia. If there might come up more donations, we will broaden dispensing of the food or invest the money into buying artistic and acrobatic equipment.

Many thanks to all caring for the children to have food after Circus Training through their donations it`s possible now!  Link to Project-Website

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