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HOPE-ful-News 28th Edition
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28th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - May 2019

In January we visited Yemrehane Christos situated 42 km apart from Lalibela counting to UNESCO world heritage and on the way back down from the church we met a woman sitting there begging. Nothing special at least but when the woman did show us her naked belly, we all did stop right away- even our Ethiopian friends Eyayaw and Eshetu -we all stopped fully shocked. The woman did hold her guts in her hand. A huge kind of blister and really all of us got shocked it was really repulsive- pictures would be unconscionable and nobody at all felt like taking pictures.

On demand Enanaw told us her story. She got pregnant 6 years ago but the unborn baby did die and had to be surgically removed at time of advanced stadium of pregnancy. Enanaw did start right away after surgery with hard work regardless the big wound at her belly so therefore the abdominal wall did never close again, guts did come out and the wound got infected again and again. It`s hardly to believe someone survives this and is living already 6 years under such kind of health conditions and daily impairment. Enanaw did compromise somehow and was afraid of another visit in hospital and further surgery. Furthermore, it was possible for her to beg with good income close to the highly tourist frequented church with this kind of physical constitution.

...und hier im Februar 2019

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page  3

Again, it was possible to save a life with your support of donation!

Vital essential surgery and new sponsorship with Enanaw

We have been all together fully shocked and were unable just to pass on. So therefore, we did offer Enanaw help. Actually, many tourists did want to help her in last years or wanted to pass on money to Enanaw for medical treatment at the hospital, but she always opposed. After talk with her brother we came to the agreement he should come with Enanaw to Lalibela to get a doctor`s referral for surgery in Dessie. Upcoming costs for transport to Dessie 300 km far, stay of her brother, surgery and hospital stay is taken by Hope for Ethiopia. We passed on some money for the travel to Lalibela and promised to help her if she wants us to.

Some days later Enanaw and her brother arrived in Lalibela, we got a doctor`s referral for surgery with notice of „urgent!“ and already next morning both of them were on their way to Dessie. At the same eve we got the news she has to undergo surgery at the same night. Her brother told us next day surgery was best and Enanaw is enormously happy and in good condition. Around 10 days later Enanaw and her brother were back again in Lalibela and Enanaw would like to thank us with a real bright smile. It’s like a real rebirth for her she said. Now Enanaw has really to watch out for some time and has to come back to Dessie because of follow up examination.

Enanaw and her family are absolutely poor and without our help she could not undergo the lifesaving surgery. We are happy and proud about having the chance of saving a life and Enanaw`s thankfulness for her rebirth gives us confidence in our decision not only passing by at her when we met her first time. Now there is the problem income from Enanaws begging is missing and she will not be able to work for sure for a while. Her husband did leave her after miscarriage and to find a new husband might be impossible for her. She is living with her old mother and her brother, himself poor and needy with his own family- unable to help.

So therefore, we did look for someone taking sponsorship for Enanaw and soon there was someone found. Manfred Lenk from Nürnberg did sign up and agreed to take a sponsorship with Enanaw and her mother. Since march they both get 30€ monthly, shelter and little food is saved.

Enanaw was absolutely in need and big sorrow about her future and now she can fully recover after surgery and there is care for food. Many thanks is going to Manfred!

Etalem had to go to psychiatric treatment to Addis Abeba

A sad story from our sponsorship

February 2019 – We heard already about Etalem having problems and was sitting for 5 weeks at the Neakutaleb Church located outside of Lalibela. A tragic accident happened where 9 people lost their lives – they were shot in a night bar. The offender is an uncle of Etalem and in Ethiopian culture it is like that relatives of murderers have to be afraid themselves about their lives and fear for the revenge of the victims. Etalem did hide, no talk, lying the whole day around and was absolutely distraught and frightened. Her daughter and herself are situated at a place of an elder couple who care for her, but the psychological situation of Etalem is very precarious and alarming.

So therefore, we brought Etalem to the hospital in Lalibela for medical examination and there she got a medical transfer to psychiatric ward in Addis Abeba. The small Samrawet did stay in Lalibela at the caretaking couple. Etalem is still in Addis today and we all do hope she will be soon better off and able to return to her daughter in Lalibela.

Etalem im Februar 2018

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