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HOPE-ful-News 28th Edition
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28th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - May 2019

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4

As usual at our visit in Lalibela we delivered February mattress to our sponsorships again. The new sponsorships did not have any yet and one or another did need a new mattress again. Nevertheless, mattresses are very expansive, after one or two years they are no better for use. For Hope for Ethiopia this means every time about some hundreds of Euro expense and only thanks to all your donations and support our sponsorships do have a good sleep. Thank you a lot!

Mattress round in Lalibela

Alelign Melkamnew and his sons Deszilen & Abiy

The mother did have a nervous breakdown at birth of her son Abiy because of difficult family situation- she lost her mind beating people and throwing stones. Once she was gone and the father did leave with the two kids on his own. Alelign had to give up work, salary was missing and the three of them had to leave their home. In the moment they are at the house of a friend. The three months baby does not become any breast feeding and has to eat Injera. The situation is really very difficult, the father is fully desperate and does not know how to go on.

Wobeit Belay and his daughter Fantaye Alegaz

Wobeit is 70 years old, and her 24-year-old daughter Fantaye, almost deaf, has finished school already and would like to start technical schooling but the cost is about 1,50€ a month. Both are belonging to the poorest of the poor and are living from begging. The old lady Wobeit is very weak and Fantaye does not have the possibility to save their lives with monthly income.

Hope for Ethiopia is into 61 sponsorships with 152 people in Lalibela. May 2019, we transferred 2.003 Euro to the bank accounts of our sponsorships. More information about to find on our Webseite.

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HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4
HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4

New Sponsorships at Hope for Ethiopia

We were able to find a sponsorship for Alelign and his sons starting in march 2019. For the single father it will become much easier to take care for his kids. Close in neighbourhood are living some women helping him with the baby, there is shelter and food and the big problems how to go on are solved. Many thanks is going to the sponsor who wants to stay unknown!

In may Maria Hermann out of Jena is starting sponsorship with 30€ monthly. Wobeit and Fantaye were very happy about this kind news and soon Fantaye will visit technical school in Lalibela. Many thanks go to Maria!

Birkea, her daughter Fikir, Gashaw, Tigist and her son Hewot

Birkea did come end of the year with her kids to Lalibela from mountainside and did desperately try to find work. The father did stay up in the mountainside and Birkea is begging with her kids to survive. None of the 4 kids did ever went to school and without help they will at least grow up on the streets. The mother is fully desperate and cannot care for the 4 kids. From June on Peter Meissner from Frankenthal is starting a sponsorship with 50 Euro a month. Thanks to this generous support there is well cared for her children with immediate effect and a new life can begin. We will find a good home place for the 5, there is food and we will take care for the kids joining school. Many thanks are going to Peter!

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 4

In February we made water connection coming to the house possible for Beyinegro and his daughter. Now they are having their own water supply because until then they had to buy water from their neighbours who were connected to water. An own water connection does mean more to the people in Lalibela than we can imagine about at all! We did finance costs about 130 € and it's a really good sustainable investment.

Beyinegro and his daughter

Water supply financed

Geza wrote: "He is very happy specially with the water pipe he got by our project. He said, you made me a man and now I consider myself like a people who are successful in their life. I give thank again to my blessed people (sponsors) who made me very happy! He said again after this I don’t care  whether I die  or live because I am very happy now."

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