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HOPE-ful-News 28th Edition
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Thanks to the sponsors Petra and Evelyn Shokolai did not have to suffer without food and hanging out on the roads and upcoming times are secure and saved for her granddaughter Adane, who is also HIV infected. Adane is living at her aunties place and is continuing school. She lost already her parents from HIV and will miss her grandma for whom she took lovely care until the end.

HOPE-ful-News   28th Edition Page 5




28th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - May 2019

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News from Adina – No cancer

back from the hospital in Dessie

Engidaw & Lemlem

Water connection for our elders

Shokolai finally died

The Sponsorship with 70 years old Shokolai and her 11 years old granddaughter Adane did start shortly at August 2018 and now end of march Shokolai, infected by HIV, finally died. We did visit Shokolai and Adane in February and already that time she was in bad health condition since some weeks. Many times, we have been at hospital with her and did care for medication, but it was clear it`s about short time living only left.

Photo: Adane with her aunt

Mother Senaw in hospital

surgery was successful, Alichesh is recovered.

Alichesh did have already for a long time an open wound at her belly and the hospital in Lalibela did give advice for further treatment in Bahir Dar. So therefore, we did send Alichesh to Bahir Dar where they sent her at least to the hospital in Addis Abeba. Finally, Alichesh is back now in Lalibela and she is fine and recovered. Her gratitude is so deep and she is very thankful for making the surgery possible for her.

Geza from Lalibela wrote about: "Families Zenaw, his wife and his five children are very fine. His wife now is very fine after she did surgery in Addis Abeba with the help of her sponsor and our project. Now they are very happy with their lives. And she said thank you very much to my sponsors and the project! that you removed all my short coming which I was faced and depressed in."

Concerning Adinas medical diagnosis was about suspected cancer we did send her to Bahir Dar for medical examination. Good blessed there is no cancer. Adina did have harden knots in her breast and diagnosis of cancer would have been a real tragical destiny for her and her four daughters. Harden knots do come from breast feeding her twins and Adina is happy to be back from Bahir Dar. Greatest thanks is going to Sonja Blodig and the customers of „Friseursalon Locke“, who did participate about costs in donating 200€ in total.

Lemlem is 81 years old and her husband Engidaw meanwhile already 96 years. For Ethiopian circumstances this is really an amazing high age and both are sure without sponsorship they would have died already. It seems even like both of them are becoming younger since starting of sponsorship and they are better off than any time before in their life.

Lemlem and Engidaw are happy, thankful and content. Helpful for them would be an own water connection to their home. Until now they get their water from a place 30 meters away from their house and own water connection would be a big relief. Furthermore, they have to pay for the water and an own connection would lower their costs in living. So therefore, we did finance an own water supply for them and daily life became much easier for both of them. By investing 130 € we made them really fully happy and with this kind of sustainable investment we made the life of our eldest couple in sponsorship much easier about daily living conditions.

Link to the Sponsorship photoalbum:  

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