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HOPE-ful-News 25th Edition
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All items will be bought at local traders in Lalibela and will be given as a gift from you to our needies. We will send you pictures from handing over via email.

Direct help from person to person

Please have a look at our online shop  it´s really interesting. Poking around there is giving you an insight about living conditions in Lalibela and feels like you would go shopping in the local area on the market there. Items to donate are giving details about living conditions of our needies and the online shop is another chance to focus and document about what´s necessary to do and is actually done for our needies in Lalibela.

Tije back from hospital

Amputation planned next year

Buying and Donating for the need of others

There is nothing more worthwhile and rewarding in life than to work for the benefits of others. One can derive more pleasure from Giving rather than receiving. Haile Selassie I

Many times we´ve been asked what´s urgently needed in Lalibela and sometimes sponsors like to give a small present to their sponsorship. So therefore we created a webshop where you can find easily what´s necessarily needed in Lalibela and brings real joy for our needies. All you can shop will be given as a present to our needies in Lalibela. All items in the webshop are donations and all revenues will be spent in Lalibela relating to shopping purpose. As a small thank you you will get pictures from handing over of your gifts (donations) in Lalibela. You are welcome in choosing out who of our sponsorships should get your gift. It´s even possibel to order via sending an email to Hope-for-Ethiopia@gmx.de, in that case it´s possibel to use bank transfer as a payment possibility. Online shopping allows only payments via PayPal or credit card. So now have fun poking around and enjoy shopping!

Our sponsorship Tije does have problems since years with her partly amputated legs and the doctors in Dessie said both legs have to be fully cut. Through donations and our association treasury we transfered 500 € to Tije and sent her to hospital in Dessie. After three weeks in there Tije came back to Lalibela, but her legs were not cut.

The doctors at Dessie did have their reason for coming to another decision first. Condition of Tije was really very critical and bad, so she had to stay at least three weeks in the hospital. Therefore we did help Tije for sure coming back to life and she is really better off now after treatment. The amputation has to be done still and we will see whats it about next year.

Even if the donations were not used for the necessary amputation as a result I do thank you all deeply from the heart. In detail we dont have influence, but we did our best and at least we might have saved a life again in that moment. Many thanks to Ziggy S. Staudinger, Ronald W. Graf, Ines Kramer, Dio Oszy und Mycal Roots!




25th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - 2 November 2018

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HOPE-ful-News   25th Edition Page 4
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