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HOPE-ful-News 26th Edition
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HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4

Sponsorship of Chekoley and her granddaughter Awayoushe did just start august 2018 and now the old lady is in real bad condition. Both of them are HIV positiv and Chekoleys physical condition was really at it´s worse. Geza did tell from Lalibela: "Regarding Checkoley she really need to go Hospital. She don't even can speak you only stairs her eyes infront of you! Lets try our best first what we can do! But i don't think that she will stay long. May the miracles God be with her!!"

Transport to Dessie or Bahir Dar for better medical treatment was not possible at her state of physical health, so therefore we brought her into hospital at Lalibela. We transfered enough money for real good care. Chekoley is receiving there good care, good nutrition and she will be able to get on her own feet again. With better nuitrition Chekoley can return back to take HIV specified medication and soon she will be better off hopefully.

I do wish all of you a pleasant and peacefull Christmas time with your beloved ones and please have  a bit in mind about the real meaning of the Celebration of Love. Until then out of Lalibela…. Ferdi Reul and our team of Hope for Ethiopia e.V.

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4 Weihnachten in Lalibela

Kevin mit HOPE auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in Fürth

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4

Chekoley had to go to hospital

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. at Christmas time

HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4 Judah am HOPE Infostand
HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4 HOPE beim Weihnachtsmarkt
HOPE-ful-News   26th Edition Page 4 Kevin & Judah mit Paten und Freunden von HOPE

Many Thanks for all in all! Soon then in Lalibela

Travel group HOPE is on the road again

The flights are booked and january the first we are off to Lalibela. I am really happy about my father and his wife giving us company this time and Ziggy and Kevin also are with us again too. Since returning from Lalibela in august I did certainly work a lot for my relations and now I will reape the rewards in having the chance of two months dedicating to real life and the welfare of the poorest of the poor in Lalibela. I am so much delighted about and I will enjoy the period. We will from you as usually out of Lalibela, about our visits at the sponsorships and about our many  good deeds there. Many thanks for your interest and your support! Everything is possibel ONLY with all of you and giving thanks to all of you 2018 was a real successfull year with positive developments. I do hope you appreciate whats actually done with your support and hopefully you are with us 2019.

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26th Edition Newsletter - Hope for Ethiopia - 13 December 2018

Our association members Judah and Kevin are active the whole  year and now at the Celebration of Love more than ever. Judah acts up at almost every Reggae event in Baveria with our information stand and Kevin is doing aquisition and appealing funds at fairs and Christmas markets. May both be successfull in their efforts for the poorest of the poor in Lalibela. Active charity not only at Christmas time! For sure there are further active association members, but this time I wanted to focus on Judah & Kevin.

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Zusage vom Bürgermeister und Stadtverwaltung erhalten

Vom 14.05.2019 00:00 Uhr    Verlag: Love and Light

Ras Judah with Info Stand

Vom 14.05.2019 00:00 Uhr    Verlag: Love and Light

Reisegruppe HOPE zu Besuch in Lalibela
Gena, Timkat und viele kleine und große gute Taten

Vom 31.01.2019 00:00 Uhr    Verlag: Love and Light

Chekoley had to go to hospital

Vom 24.12.2018 00:00 Uhr    Verlag: Love and Light

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. zur Weihnachtszeit

Vom 13.12.2018 00:00 Uhr    Verlag: Love and Light